Laser Hair Removal Is The BEST When It Comes To Permanent Hair Reduction.

Laser Hair Removal Is The BEST When It Comes To Permanent Hair Reduction.

The customer reviews for our Sincoheren 755nm alexandrite laser are listed below.

Our clinic is fortunate to have a laser device of the highest caliber. This means that regardless of one's ancestry—English/Irish, Italian/Indian, or African—we can treat all skin tones.

Having a zimmer and cryogen as additional cooling choices is a blessing. Both of these factors greatly enhance the comfort of the laser therapy, and the absence of the gross conductive ultra sound gel is an added benefit.


Did you know that Victoria has no laws governing laser hair removal?

This implies that ANYONE can buy a machine and begin treating. scary, huh!

As a dual wave length device with gold standard wavelengths, we have invested in the best quality medical laser available.

clientele of all ethnicities can undergo hair removal with us because we treat ALL SKIN TYPES.

The main consideration for all lasers is the color of the user's hair. Unfortunately, people with grey, white, blonde, or red hair cannot be treated with laser because the laser is drawn to the pigment (color) in the hair.

Even if you've had laser elsewhere in the past, we require everyone to come in for a consultation before treatment – this is a non-negotiable!

We must take into account all relevant elements to guarantee that the laser will be both effective and safe for you.

If you're considering laser hair removal, get in touch with us or schedule an appointment online for a FREE consultation with no commitment.

You'll adore laser hair removal, we promise.

Say goodbye to shaving once and for all with Laser Hair Removal!