PCOS & IPL Hair Removal : Why It's Ideal

PCOS & IPL Hair Removal : Why It's Ideal

You're in the right place if you're looking for skin that feels like a dolphin. We at Hause are dedicated to assisting all ladies in showing their skin the respect it deserves. What is the process? You may effortlessly eliminate hair using our IPL devices in the comfort of your own home (but more on that later).

However, getting rid of unsightly body hair is not always simple, particularly for people who have been diagnosed with IPL. When your body is producing more hair than wanted, especially in places where you don't want it, it may feel as though your body is working against you.

Learn more about IPL LASER HAIR REMOVAL HANDSET, the causes of the excessive hair growth that these women endure, and how finding the best hair removal procedure can help them restore their confidence.

Whats is PCOS.

A hormonal condition known as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) affects 6% to 12% of American women of reproductive age. Reproductive hormones are out of balance in women with PCOS.

The hormones in our bodies are in charge of a wide range of physical processes, including regulating our ovulation cycles, controlling our sleep-wake cycles, and much more. So many of our regular body processes are impacted when our hormones are out of balance. Here are a few of the most prevalent signs of PCOS:

Periods that are irregular include infrequent occurrences, extremely light bleeds, and even extended menstrual cycles

Period irregularities: Some of the most typical PCOS symptoms are infrequent periods, extremely light periods, and even protracted menstrual cycles.

Weight increase: Women with PCOS may experience weight gain, particularly in the abdomen.
Acne: Back, chest, and facial acne are common in women with PCOS.
Ovaries with multiple cysts or that are swollen are common in PCOS patients' ovaries.
Unusual hair growth: Many women with PCOS may experience excessive hair growth on their chins, faces, and other body areas.
What Causes Hair Growth in PCOS?
Every body is unique, of course. The PCOS experience of one woman may be entirely different from the experience of another woman. Nevertheless, one of the most prevalent and annoying symptoms For many women, excessive hair growth is a symptom of PCOS.

Everyone has facial hair, but for the majority of women, these hairs are quite small, light, and not even perceptible. It may indicate hirsutism if you have black, coarse, thick hair developing in place of your normal peach fuzz.

Hirsutism is the medical word for PCOS's associated excessive facial and body hair development. Between 70 and 80 percent of women with PCOS are affected. The higher amounts of androgen in the body are what are causing this abnormal hair growth.

The hormones known as androgens are in charge of giving men traits like facial hair and acne. Although we all have some androgen in our bodies at birth, men have far higher levels.than women do of the hormone.

How to Stop Hair Growth in Excess

Nobody is fully certain of the precise causes of why some women acquire PCOS and why different persons experience various symptoms. Since we are not medical professionals, we can't and won't attempt to advise you on how to treat your PCOS symptoms.

We are a group of professionals in hair removal. We can therefore assist you if you are experiencing any unwelcome hair growth as a result of your PCOS. We've come up with a few quick and simple hair removal ideas below.

We strongly advise speaking with a doctor or other medical expert if you're seeking for further strategies to treat other PCOS symptoms. They might advise way of life adjustments (such dietary and You can treat your PCOS symptoms with treatments (such as diet and exercise).

Let's talk about hair removal in the interim and stay with what we are familiar with. These four techniques will help you get rid of any extra body and facial hair (and get your confidence back in the process).


One of the most popular techniques of hair removal is shaving, and for good reason. It's affordable, simple, and painless. Razors are quite inexpensive, widely available, and suitable for use on the majority of body parts (but you might find yourself in some weird positions trying to shave behind your legs).

Shaving removes hair from the skin by cutting it off close to the skin with a razor. Consequently, the hair's root is still present.

intact. Your hair often regrows after shaving fairly frequently (... annoyingly frequently, TBH).

Even though shaving is one of the more common ways to remove hair, shaving on a regular basis is not really a long-term option for people with hirsutism due to how quickly hair can grow back.

It's a good temporary fix, but there are better long-term choices if you want to stop the growth of unwanted hair permanently.

However, if you want the quickest, closest, and most comfortable shave of your life, check out our 4D Shaver. This electric razor is ideal for larger regions like your arms, legs, and face since it has five active heads that rotate to remove hair from any aspect. You might as well shave if you have to.Do it elegantly (and with the most effective razor on the market).


For some reason, waxing is still a popular hair removal technique even though it hurts more than shaving. Due to the fact that waxing eliminates the complete hair follicle, the benefits do stay a lot longer. This implies that hair growth is slower as a result. yet at what price?

Waxing can be done at home, but it's a little frightening to think about peeling a hot strip of wax off of yourself. We can't blame many people for finding it difficult to motivate themselves to act.

Waxing can irritate skin that is already sensitive. Ouch!

Hair removal with lasers

IPL Laser hair removal is one of the best long-term hair removal techniques. Laser Each hair follicle is effectively shocked and destroyed during hair removal by a concentrated light source. Yes, we are aware that this sounds somewhat dramatic, but trust us—it really does work!

After six to eight sessions, many patients report that their hair is totally gone, making laser hair removal a strong candidate for permanent hair removal. However, having laser surgery performed by a specialist can be highly expensive, uncomfortable, and troublesome. (Are you going outside? Yeah, thanks a lot.)

IPL is an abbreviation for intense pulsed light. This hair removal procedure works by penetrating the skin deeply with pulses of broad-spectrum light. The hair follicles are destroyed as a result of the melanin in the hair follicles absorbing light.

IPL offers rather persistent effects, just like laser. The advantages? Much less expensive, and easy to complete at home. You may quickly get rid of that unsightly hair with our IPL equipment, which last for years. After just four usage of our IPL equipment, the majority of our customers see a reduction in their hair growth, with complete benefits appearing after 12 uses.

Additionally, you can use this technique while watching Netflix on the couch


Begone, Unwanted Hair!

We comprehend. PCOS living can be challenging! Numerous situations may seem beyond your control, but thankfully, getting rid of that unwanted hair is completely within your power.

We really hope that this article has assisted you in determining the best course of action for getting rid of unwanted face and body hair.

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