Precautions During Laser Beauty

Safety measures for laser beauty

Why do so many people who work on laser beauty projects get the results they had hoped for? The neglect of pre- and post-laser treatments is largely to blame for this. The manufacturer of laser beauty equipment will then take everyone to view what you need to pay attention to!

Ask the patient in advance of the procedure whether they have sensitive or allergic skin, whether they have a history of nursing and how they responded to care, and complete a detailed file list of the caregiver. You can only better appreciate the parameter change once you have a thorough understanding of the customer's skin. You must explain to the patient what to expect physically and how the skin will change before the procedure.

b. Before the procedure, advise the care receiver to experience a mild tingling to prevent panic;

b. Begin with the safe energy value (18-20), ask the care receiver how they feel, and then alter the appropriate energy in accordance with their responses;

d. When the parameters are appropriate, it is prohibited from repeatedly irradiating a specific region because the spots are tightly packed together from bottom to top, occupying one-third of one stack, during operation. Skin redness and swelling could be directly brought on by the heat buildup brought on by frequent radiation.

e. The laser head should be applied to the skin vertically; it should not be excessively tight or leave the skin (a condition known as virtual contact); virtual contact can (should not) result in a significant post-treatment reaction of the skin;

b. For lasers like the CO2 Fractional Laser Machine, the front end of the tip is 3-5 cm away from the client's skin when the laser is operating.

g. It is vital to monitor the customer's skin changes throughout the procedure, pay attention to how much the caregiver feels the skin tingling, and adjust the parameters as needed in accordance with these two factors. (When treating diverse skin issues, different parameters must be modified from those of the skin of the caretaker. Please see the parameter comparison table for further information.

h. The cooling water in the instrument case will quickly warm up if the continuous operation of large-area disease care is carried out. Please stop using the operating handle right away if it starts to feel warm. You can add fresh cold water or wait for the water to cool naturally before using it. Otherwise, the instrument's key components suffer.

The above are the safety precautions for laser cosmetic surgery. We would be pleased to assist you right away if you have any queries regarding optical beauty equipment or are interested in 3D HIFU Machine.

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