Say goodbye to shaving once and for all with Laser Hair Removal!

Say goodbye to shaving once and for all with Laser Hair Removal!

Put shaving to rest once and for all. Waxing, shaving, and other conventional hair removal techniques can be time-consuming, uncomfortable, and expensive. In a series of sessions, our cutting-edge laser hair removal equipment permanently removes hair. We can efficiently and successfully treat various body parts with a variety of handpieces, and we can customize treatments for all skin types!

With Laser Hair Removal, you may say goodbye to shaving forever!

How it functions

Wavelengths of energy are directed at the color and depth of the hair follicle using a particular laser hair removal instrument. The hair within the follicle absorbs the wavelength of energy, and over the course of many days, the follicles are expelled from the body. six on average  to eight treatments are recommended for optimal results. Patients with darker hair respond best to laser hair removal as the laser wavelength targets the pigment of the hair by differentiating it from the skin via color. The treatment is relatively pain-free with almost no downtime.



Treatments needed:
6-8 sessions

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